Burlington Auto Auction Inc. provides our community with Dealer and Public auto auctions. We have our Dealer only auctions every Tuesdays at 9:30am . Our public sales are usually on the last saturday of every month at  10:00am



If you bring your car, you set a reserve price, if it doesn't sell you can pick it/ take it that saturday and pay $40 running fee or rerun on it next Tuesday for our dealer only sale for the without repaying the run fee. If it does sell all of your fees( Run fee & selling Fee) will be deducted from your check.


All you have to do is register, and drop off your vehicle along with the title. If its inspected you can offer it to the public and dealers, if its not inspected it will only be available to dealers. We can even wash and vacuum it for you for an additional cost. 



*In order to be able to bid you must register and give a $500 secuirt deposit, if you do not purchase anything it gets refunded to you. If you do purchase a vehicle the deposit is applied to your purchase. We recommend get here as early as you can to check the vehicles your intersted in before auction begins. ALL SALES ARE AS-IS. 


*IF Sales/ Phone Call sales: are not sold until the seller accepts your bid, once the bid is accepted the vehicle is yours. If it gets countered you, we will try to negotiate the price between you and the seller. 


Click on the link to download our Public registration https://www.burlingtonaa.com/docs/public_registration

Click on the link to download our dealer registration  https://www.burlingtonaa.com/docs/dealer_registration